Cbdistillery Oil Reviews

Cbdistillery Oil Reviews

In the world of cannabidiol (CBD) oils, only a few brands stand out. Among them, CBDistillery is at least in the top three. This brand is well-known for many things: its wide variety of CBD-based products, exceptional quality, and strict compliance and safety.

But for you to truly appreciate company, what it does, and the products they serve, it’s best to know more about CBD.

What Is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is one of the many types of cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are the active compounds present in cannabis plants, including marijuana and hemp. Hemp is popular for being a raw material for textile and rope, among others.

Cannabinoids are substances that bind with the endocannabinoid receptors, which are found in the body. To be more specific, they are connected to the brain. These receptors also work closely with the endocrine system.

The endocrine system is composed of organs that are related to hormones. They make, store, secrete, or distribute them. It’s possible that an organ performs more than a single function.

This explains why cannabinoids can have a significant impact or effect on the various organs in the body, especially when it comes to the brain.

Many people, however, have the wrong belief about cannabinoids, and that is they are all created equal. They have their respective types of work, and the way the body metabolizes them can also vary.

This also means that not all cannabinoids can give you “the high” feeling. In fact, there’s only one that can do that, and it’s called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

All cannabis plants have THC, but the percentage of the compound can differ. Marijuana, for example, is abundant with it. Meanwhile, hemp has only 0.3% of THC.

For this reason, hemp is the cannabis of choice for companies that make CBD oil. It also means CBD oil hardly contains any trace of THC. You can consume the product without experiencing any psychoactive changes.

Benefits of Cannabinoids

Truth be told, people have been using hemp for its medicinal properties for many years, but it’s only recently that science pays attention to it. This explains why a number of the studies pertaining to cannabinoids and even cannabidiols are limited, small, or inconclusive.

The health benefits of the compounds, however, are promising. If you will read the different CBDistillery oil review, you can also say that CBD can be an effective form of treatment or relief.

CBDs can be a potential mode of therapy or treatment for people suffering from a severe form of epilepsy called Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. Many patients with the condition can experience cognitive impairment and drop seizures.

Being rare, the syndrome has only six approved medications, and yet, several of the individuals develop resistance. The randomized clinical trial showed how CBD significantly reduced seizure episodes.

Many types of research also discuss the benefit of taking CBD to manage pain and anxiety. One of them, by the McGill University Health Centre, tried to explain the mechanism.

As mentioned, cannabinoids bind to endocannabinoid receptors; but the kinds of receptors they attach to can vary. THC tends to work with CB-1 receptor, which is why you will experience psychoactive effects.

CBD, meanwhile, attaches itself to the receptors related to pain and serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that regulates mood. People who have anxiety or depression are more likely to have lower levels of serotonin.

Although the therapeutic effects of CBD in relation to pain need more studies, the preliminary results are encouraging. For one, chronic pain is one of the most common causes of disability worldwide.

On the other hand, about 18% of the US population develop anxiety. That’s about 40 million people.

Even better, a mice study showed CBD can be a form of therapy for those dealing with addiction. Those that received CBD experienced a significant reduction in relapse despite the drug cues and stress. They also had lower levels of anxiety.

This can be a critical benefit, particularly those dealing with stress and anxiety. With regular medications, they are at risk of developing dependency. CBD can be a potential alternative, especially since the brain and plasma can clear the body from this cannabinoid.

About CBDistillery

CBDistillery is a company founded and based in Colorado, which has more lenient policies when it comes to cannabis. Since its inception, it already has presence in more than 1,400 stores.

It is popular not only for its effective, high-quality CBD-derived products but also for the price. Many reviewers call it a fraction of the cost. Regularly, the company also offers sales and discounts, which further reduce your spending.

According to CBDistillery, it follows strict standards for quality, control, and compliance. All hemp plants must meet their specifications, and then the oil goes through many tests such as for potency, so only the best ones end up in the market.

The hemp it uses is also non-GMO and pesticide free, which means it also grows organically, although it doesn’t have the certification from the FDA.

The company is also an active participant and member in the industry. It is part of the US Hemp Round Table and the National Hemp Association (NHA).

The website isn’t clear on the actual processes that took place, but some believe it’s a combination of extraction and addition of menthol. It also undergoes many steps of determining its potency and quality.

CBDistillery Oil Reviews

Now, we’ve come to the meat of the article. We’re going to take a look at the different dosage varieties offered by CBDistillery, so you can figure out which of these will be best for your health needs or objectives.

But before that, we’ll have to define some important terms. First on the list is full spectrum. Majority of the CBD oil tinctures sold by the company are in this variant.

When you say full spectrum, it means the oil contains everything you can possibly expect from the hemp plant.

Besides CBD, the extract will also have other cannabinoids and terpene. The latter should add flavor and smell to the tincture. This is different from the ioslate, which contains only the purest CBD.

Why is it important to differ the two? You are more likely to enjoy a full-spectrum CBD. Not only is it aromatic, but you will have the phytochemicals and synergistic cannabinoids. One of the studies suggest that this may be more superior in effect than the ioslates.

However, isolates may be more ideal for those who need CBD alone. Those who buy this should be willing to spend more since this takes more time to extract and produce.

While full-spectrum CBD oils may have a wider health reach, the presence of other cannabinoids may create abnormal results during a drug screening test. This is a vital information anyone who drinks these oils should keep in mind.

CBDistillery also has one of the most extensive CBD oils to choose from, so it’s easy to boost your tolerance and consider the higher dosages later on. Besides humans, pets can also take advantage of these oils for similar health benefits.

CBDistillery 150 mg Reviews

For the 150 mg CBD oil, the company doesn’t produce one for humans. Instead, the lowest dose is intended for the animals, specifically cats and dogs. Because of the low dosage and the known non-toxicity of the hemp oil, this product is generally safe for the furry friends.

The bottle holds 30 ml of the oil with a total of 150 mg of cannabidiol including terpenes and other cannabinoids. An ml drop contains around 5 mg of cannabidiol.

Based on the reviews, most of the users buy this to help their animals manage anxiety and stress. Majority claim it helps their pets feel calm, especially when they’re moving.

CBDistillery 250 mg Reviews

There are two variants with 250 mg: THC free and full spectrum. We already talked about the full spectrum, so out full spectrum, so let’s define THC free. This is typically the isolate, although in CBDistillery, most of the isolates are either in crystal or powder form.

Having it as a tincture is an advantage since your body tends to absorb the substance faster when placed under the tongue. You can also add it in food and beverages.

The THC-free version is great for CBD oil beginners. You can truly feel how the product feels and smells like without all the trappings, so to speak.

The full-spectrum CBD oil, meanwhile, is in a 30 ml bottle. Every drop or ml contains 250 mg of cannabidiol, although this also has 20 essential amino acids, B vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids.

It’s a great option for those who are already used to the THC-free tincture and want to “upgrade.” It’s also an ideal choice if you want to make sure you’ll always have CBD oil ready anytime you want some relief.

CBDistillery 500 mg Reviews

Like the 250 mg variant, there are two types for this one, which are THC free and full spectrum.

Although they may differ in the ingredients, they are actually marketed by CBDistillery as medium dose. In other words, it’s a nice option for you if you are searching for a stronger dose.

The reviews, however, highlighted the disadvantage of being a mid-tier CBD oil. Most of those who gave this product a 1-star rating complained about the product not being effective at all.

It’s either they didn’t see the results, or they didn’t notice the difference, especially after upgrading from 250 mg.

CBDistillery 600 mg Reviews

This is another pet tincture. The bottle this time contains 30 ml of the oil, which amounts to 600 mg of CBD. This isn’t THC free so your pet will also be able to ingest other cannabinoids, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.

It’s a significant increase from the 150 mg CBD oil tincture for pets, so this is better reserved for dogs and cats with chronic illnesses such as joint pain or the cancer. It may also boost the health and well-being of those who are already old.

This is actually not only a popular product but also a well-loved one. It didn’t have any 1-star rating on the website.

CBDistillery 1,000 mg Reviews

The 1,000 mg dosage variant is twice as strong as the previous one, so it may be ideal for people who are looking for a much stronger CBD oil. The relief is also believed to be much faster.

Between the full spectrum and THC-free variant, the latter is more popular with nearly a thousand reviews on the website alone. Those who like the THC-free CBD oil prefer it because it doesn’t leave an aftertaste since it doesn’t contain terpenes.

CBDistillery 2500 mg Reviews

Again, you can choose between full spectrum and THC free for this dosage variant. Either way, you will have a much higher dose for your health needs.

Compared to the other versions, this may provide a way faster relief. With the dose, it’s excellent for men and women with long-term chronic condition such as joint pain, anxiety, and insomnia.

If you absolutely don’t want the aftertaste of hemp, make sure you buy the THC-free version.

CBDistillery 5000 mg Reviews

It’s seldom to come across a product with 2,500 mg CBD, so it’s even rarer to find 5,000 mg CBD. This is the highest-strength cannabidiol under CBDistillery.

Although some reviewers who are beginners with CBD oil went straight to 5,000 mg, most of them tend to have a medical condition. This is, therefore, more ideal for those who have specific health issues they want to address.

CBDistillery is one of the best suppliers for CBD oil for a reason: the products are a combination of affordability, effectiveness, and chemistry.

People can also choose among a long list of CBD derivatives. These can include oils, capsules, and gummies. Finding the right one that meets your needs should already be easy.

With CBD oils, you can take a pick among the different dosage varieties, although you should read the CBDistillery oil reviews to find out what’s best for you.