Cbdpure Oil Reviews

Cbdpure Oil Reviews

There’s a growing number of people taking cannabis, especially in the United States. For example, a report from Reuters revealed at least one in every seven adults takes marijuana. Because of its growing popularity, debates on its supposed risks and benefits are hot.

The purpose of this article, however, isn’t to strike a debate but rather to discuss more about cannabis, particularly cannabidiol or CBD. We’ll also tackle on the benefits. In the end, you can use this information to help you decide when shopping for CBD oil from CBD Pure.

Defining CBD

Before we talk about CBD Pure or even the benefits of CBD, let’s define it first. What is CBD or cannabidiol?

Many people have the wrong notion about cannabis. Usually, they equate it to marijuana, but that’s only half-truth. Cannabis is a term for a flowering plant that contains cannabinoids as their bioactive compounds.

Cannabinoids are substances that bind to specific receptors in the body called the endocannabinoids. These are the chemicals found in the nervous system, especially the brain. The receptors have a profound impact on many of life’s functions such as mood, appetite, and pain.

Depending on the cannabinoid the cannabis has, the plant can alter these functions, hopefully for the better.

There are many types of cannabinoids, but only two of them are the most popular. These are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

Of the two, THC is the more controversial one since it’s the cannabinoid that can cause psychoactive effects. A perfect example is the feeling of getting high. CBD doesn’t have it. The purest or the most authentic oil should contain less than 0.3% THC (and you’ll know why later).

When it comes to the source of the cannabinoids, there are at least three major species of cannabis, including sativa and indica. The general effects of each of these can vary. A cannabis plant can also have other sub-varieties. A perfect example is marijuana or weed, which already has hundreds of strains or hybrids.

For those manufacturing CBD oil, they get their source from hemp, which is the same material used for in other industries such as textile. Unlike marijuana, hemp contains less than 0.3% of THC.

The Question about Legality

Talking about legality is like treading in murky waters. You’ll never really know what you’re going to encounter. Plus, laws can change sometimes quickly or even on a whim.

In the United States, it’s already legal to buy hemp products including CBD oil, and it’s all thanks to the Farm Bill of 2018. It declassified hemp as a controlled substance.

Before, it was under schedule 1 for the simple reason the laws didn’t provide any distinction between this and other types of cannabis. In fact, it belonged to the same schedule as LSD, ecstasy, and heroin.

It’s now, therefore, an agricultural commodity. It also means that businesses such as CBD Pure can already cultivate and sell the products across the states without worry.

But there are caveats. One, for it to be not a controlled substance, the product should contain less than 0.3% of THC. Otherwise, the company would have to face severe federal penalties. The same could happen to the user or buyer.

Second, while the law applies on the federal level, states can have their specific regulations or limitations. These are types of information customers should consider before they purchase CBD oil.

Third, there are other agencies to keep in mind. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) categorizes CBD as a drug, which means all oils should go to FDA first for testing and approval before it should be sold. The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) still considers CBD as illegal, although it hasn’t been cracking down people who are using or buying it.

The bottom line is it’s legal to buy hemp products such as oil as the bill provides you with the protection, but you need to be aware of the caveats.

Here’s What You Get When You Consume Cannabinoids

Despite the complex legalities of CBD, why are there many people buying oils? New types of research point out to its potential health benefits.

A 2017 study revealed how CBD can help people suffering from seizure due to severe epilepsy. It might even be therapeutic for children. In the research, children who received a regular dose of CBD in 14 weeks reduced their number of monthly seizures from almost 13 to less than 6. In 5% of the patients, their seizures didn’t recur.

CBDs can also be helpful for those who are dealing with mental disorders. These cannabinoids bind themselves to receptors associated with serotonin. This is a neurotransmitter that helps regulate mood, appetite, and sleep.

A 2018 UK study, meanwhile, cited how it can “reset” the brain of individuals with psychosis. A 2019 research involving mice models showed the cannabinoid may even be helpful in delivering medications to the brain. This is because it can get past the blood-brain barrier.

Hemp oil also contains essential fatty acids, which are the fatty acids the body cannot produce on their own. Thus, you need to get them from external sources.

In 49% of hemp seed oil, there can be more than 70% of fatty acids. These include ALA, which the body converts into DHA. Although the percentage it can convert is low compared to eating fish, it still counts toward your dietary requirements.

DHA is one of the omega-3 fatty acids that are now linked to better cardiovascular health. Other studies have also shown CBD oils may contain phytonutrients that can reduce the risk of chronic inflammation.

CBD Pure Oil Reviews

CBD Pure is a family-grown company that started in 2016, so this is a fairly new business. It may explain why they have only a few variants for now, which you will know more in a bit.

According to its website, it is committed in providing the highest-quality CBD oil. For this reason, although its main office is in Washington, it sources the hemp from Colorado, which is popular for being one of the most relaxed states for cannabis. However, it also has an office in the UK.

The sale of hemp oil is legal in the United States, so the company can ship it wherever you are in the country. It also covers Canada and the UK.

This makes its shipping choices better than the others, which cater to only US residents. However, some companies can now ship to more than 10 countries.

The hemp is organically raised, which means the oil should not contain traces of pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals that can alter the potency and quality of the product.

It also tries to keep its products simple by using only two ingredients. Besides the cannabidiol, it has the unprocessed and natural oil from hemp. It’s unclear whether the hemp source is non-GMO.

The hemp oil they produce is full spectrum, which means you get more than the cannabidiol. You will also be able to consume other cannabinoids, which may work to your advantage. Some studies, after all, suggest that the presence of other cannabinoids will create the entourage effect.

You will also gain phytonutrients as well as fatty acids, all of which can help improve your health, especially in the long-term.

To extract the oil, it uses a process called CO2 extraction. This way, only the purest oils remain after the procedure.

To further ensure the quality of its products, the company says it relies on third-party testing, although it doesn’t provide any information about the process.

But you can access the lab results here. You can even look for the certificates that go way back to two years ago. That’s impressive as far as being transparent is concerned.

CBD Pure Hemp Oil 100 Reviews

This is one of the lowest dosage variants we’ve seen online. The bottle contains only 100 mg, each serving will have 3.3 mg of cannabidiol. The dose makes it ideal for those who have never tried cannabidiol before. It may take a while before you can see some significant impacts on your health, but you can also assure yourself you won’t have to deal with potential side effects later.

CBD Pure Hemp Oil 300 Reviews

This is definitely their moderate-dose or mid-tier dosage variant. The bottle contains 300 mg of CBD while each serving will have 10 mg of the cannabinoid.

As medium-dose hemp oil, this will appeal to people who have already tried the lower dose and feel confident to increase their intake or dosage.

It actually provides a nice and smooth progression for the users. It’s unlike other companies where the differences between the low and medium dose are significant.

It will also appeal to people who are only looking for a supplement for their overall health and well-being. It will provide fast relief for the occasional headaches, migraines, and joint pain, to name a few.

CBD Pure Hemp Oil 300 Reviews

This is the highest dosage variant for all the oils from CBD Pure. Each serving will give you 20 mg of cannabidiol while the bottle will contain a total of 600 mg.

This should be attractive to individuals who want to maximize the benefits of the CBD oil. These will include people who are already dealing with chronic pain or other more serious health issues.

CBD Pure Softgels 750 Reviews

If you’re looking for a much higher dose for your CBD, you can try their soft gels. A bottle will contain about 30 of these gels while inside each of these is 25 mg of cannabidiol.

This will benefit those who are not comfortable doing the sublingual method—that is, putting the tincture under the tongue. Based on the instructions, you need to hold the oil for about 30 seconds, which is twice as long as that of other tinctures. Plus, you may need to drop the oil twice a day.

Soft gels, therefore, mean convenience. You also don’t need to think about where you misplaced your dropper. We find the soft gel versions handier.

Here’s the thing, though. Soft gels can be very sensitive to the changes in the environment such as humidity. If it is not conducive, it can significantly shorten the product’s shelf life.

To be honest, their options for CBD oils leave us wanting. Other brands have more comprehensive choices as well as mega doses up to 5,000 mg! We certainly hope that in due time, CBD Pure will expand its line.

Another potential issue is the taste. According to the manufacturers, this retains the original or natural hemp flavor, and not everyone likes it. The taste may discourage people from using the product consistently or even in the long-term.

On the upside, we love two things about this brand. First is the subscription model. Even other popular competitors don’t give such option. You have to buy another bottle each time you consume the previous one.

With the subscription model, there’s another bottle waiting for you at a specific period. This will also compel you to use the oil regularly and, thus, truly experience noticeable changes to your health.

You can choose among 1 month, 2 months, and 3 months. The longer your subscription is, the cheaper the product gets. The differences between prices are huge. Take, for example, CBD Pure 100 mg, which costs $29.99 a bottle.

Subscribing even to one month already decreases the cost to $23.30 per bottle. That’s a huge motivation to subscribe to the plans.

We also like the fact the company has a 90-day money-back guarantee, so there’s no such thing as a bad investment.