Nuleaf Naturals CBD Oil Reviews

Nuleaf Naturals CBD Oil Reviews

With the growing popularity of cannabis in the realm of health and wellness, it’s not unusual to see more brands manufacturing or selling the plant’s derivatives popping up. The problem is not all of them may be worth the salt, so it’s essential you start weeding (no pun intended) the bad ones out to focus on the good.

Today, you will learn one of the well-known and highly respected brands called Nuleaf Naturals. You will also read some Nuleaf Naturals reviews. These will cover the different types of dose, their benefits, and how to use Nuleaf CBD oil.

Before that, however, learn more about CBD (cannabidiol), its potential benefits to health, and whether it’s the same as cannabinoids and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

What Is Cannabidiol?

For you to fully appreciate the Nuleaf CBD reviews, you need to know the concepts first. Begin with the definitions of the many confusing terms related to cannabis.

Cannabis is a flowering plant known for its stiff upright stem and serrated leaves with grandular hairs. They tend to grow in temperate and tropical regions, which means the United States doesn’t hold monopoly of it. It is incredibly popular in India.

It also has many types of strains—in fact, some believe it is already beyond 1,000. This is because, over the years, cultivators are able to create hybrid varieties.

Two of the popular, however, are cannabis indica and cannabis sativa. The indica strain is more sedating and relaxing than sativa, which tends to work like a stimulant.

Cannabis is also a common name for marijuana, which lends to the confusion since it also covers another plant: hemp.

Hemp is a raw material for many industries such as textile, paper manufacturing, and rope making. Its seeds are an alternative source of omega-3 fatty acids and protein.

Both marijuana and hemp have cannabinoids, which are their active compounds. They are called as such since they bind with the endocannabinoid cells present in the brain and the nervous system. When they do, they can alter the way the system works. Depending on the strain, dose, and type, this allows the compound to provide potential health benefits.

While there are many kinds of cannabinoids, two of the most popular are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Both of these are also present in hemp and marijuana with a significant difference: the level of THC.

Marijuana or weed has more THC than hemp. In fact, the latter has less than a percent of THC. This is critical information since THC is the one that creates a psychoactive effect. In other words, it’s the cannabinoid that can make you high. Because of this, many consider hemp to be safer option than marijuana as far as health is concerned.

What Are the Benefits of Cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol and the other cannabinoids work with the endocannabinoid system. This refers to the parts of the body that regulate important functions such as pain, sleep, and immunity. This also explains why most of the studies on the benefits of CBD revolve around issues affecting these functions.

In one of the animal studies in 2010, the researchers learned CBD can have anti-depressant-like effects similar to drugs such as imipramine, a tricyclic antidepressant.

CBD can also be beneficial for people who are undergoing conventional treatments with significant side effects. Take, for example, chemotherapy, which can induce vomiting, nausea, and headaches, among others.

Many studies, meanwhile, point out to the benefits of cannabinoids in controlling or managing these symptoms. In a systemic review published in 2015, researchers discovered people undergoing cancer treatment were less likely to report vomiting and nausea when they took cannabinoids than the placebo.


Nuleaf Naturals CBD Oil Reviews

Now you understand the basics of CBD and its benefits, it’s high time to shine the spotlight on Nuleaf Naturals. What is it, where is it, and does it produce high-quality CBD oil and other products?

About the Brand

Using the information found in its About Us page and that of other sources, Nuleaf is the private biotechnology company in Denver, Colorado. It began in 2014 and was established by Bo Shirley, Jessica Parsley, and Jaden Barnes.

It has a presence online and offline, particularly in about 1,400 locations in the United States. It can also ship its products across 50 states and in more than 35 countries. A significant part of the reason is the change in legalization of hemp and CBD.


The Hemp Farming Act of 2018 removed hemp from the list of controlled substances and became one of the agricultural commodities. On the federal level, it is legal to consume CBD oil. Keep in mind, however, laws are not set in stone. They may change over time, so you always need to check your state or country regulations on CBD before you buy the product.

It’s important to note, though, the same study revealed the participants were more likely to say they felt high with cannabinoids. This is because THC, which has a stronger anti-nausea effect. CBD oil can then be helpful in this area. These patients can benefit from the oil’s low THC content and non-toxicity. They may be able to tolerate high doses of the oil with no harmful effects to health.

Some types of research also point out to the relationship between sleep and cannabinoids. A review on literature suggested CBD may be a therapeutic option for people who suffer from insomnia, although it may affect the quality of sleep in the long-term.

Cannabinoids may also provide a short-term treatment for individuals with obstructive sleep apnea, which is a serious sleeping disorder since it involves periods of non-breathing. Furthermore, CBD is a promising substance for the management of excessive daytime sleepiness. This is also helpful for those with chronic pain who are more likely to struggle with sleep.

CBD is a growing alternative treatment for chronic pain, especially one that’s caused by inflammation. It may be help individuals who are suffering from fibromyalgia, steoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Be warned, however. It’s only in recent years that scientists focused extensively on the potential health benefits of cannabinoids, especially CBD, to health. Some of these studies may be small and limited. Others may provide mixed results.

That’s why it pays to read Nuleaf CBD oil reviews. Knowing other people’s experiences, which may be similar to yours, will help you decide if CBD is a possible therapy for you and what dose is ideal for your health needs.

Source and Manufacturing Process

The company mentions it derives the oil from hemp plants that are grown in organic soil in selected farms across Colorado. It also promotes sustainable farming. Both of these make the brand appealing to a growing number of consumers who want an environment-friendly business.

The product is also less likely to introduce harmful substances into your body such as pesticides and herbicides. This also means they produce only pure CBD oil.

Nuleaf also said the plant is non-GMO, which should quell the concerns of other consumers who believe GMO products may lead to health issues later on.

It extracts oil through a more comprehensive CO2 process. The company uses a two-step procedure of fractional extraction. First, it removes the lighter and more volatile oils by applying low pressure. Then the same oil is subjected to a higher pressure, this time to extract the remaining ones.

This lets the company manufacture full-spectrum CBD oil. It means you get everything you should have when you use CBD oil and then some. For example, its oil already has terpenes, the substance that lends aroma or flavor to the oil.

In other manufacturers, the oil may lack it, so it’s not as appealing to the senses, particularly to taste. You still have to buy an oil with terpene blend for that.

The oil is also able to retain other cannabinoids such as CBDA, CBC, and CBDV. All these make every drop even more potent and effective than oils with only isolates. It even has traces of vitamins and minerals, as well as fatty acids.

Their Offerings

Unlike other equally popular brands that sell CBD oil such as Green Roads, Nuleaf manufactures only CBD oil. It can be an advantage and a disadvantage. It can be a plus for the company since it allows them to focus on the quality of the product. On the downside, not everyone wants to use oil or they may start looking for variety.

Selling only CBD oil also allows them to sell the product in different dose ranges:

    •  240mg
    •  725mg
    •  1,450mg
    •  2,425mg
    •  4,850mg

Regardless of the dosage variant, the amount of CBD oil you get per mL remains the same, which is 50mL.


It implies regardless of the dosage variant, the effects on the body will more or less remain the same. It also indicates the bottles differ on how long you can use them.

When you’re new with CBD oil, 50mg per mL may be a bit too much. The only upside is that this is CBD, which means it has an insignificant level of THC.

According to the company, the product has a shelf life of about 12 months. But if you’re using this to deal with serious health conditions, you may use it all up even before it reaches a year.

Meanwhile, you may also appreciate the fact the company also produces CBD oil for pets, which may enjoy the same benefits as humans do. Because of its incredibly low THC, the oil is no-toxic to them. It also means they won’t get high.

Nevertheless, we wish to see Nuleaf expand their products in the future. They may want to incorporate edibles and gummies, which may allow them to offer CBD oils to children.

They can also offer beginner’s bundles, which can take a lot of guesswork for first-time users. Moreover, they can choose to sell daily doses like Green Roads.


There are many ways on how to how to use Nuleaf CBD oil: sublingual, topical, and mixing with other products.

In its sublingual application, you need to place a drop under your tongue and hold it there for 30 seconds before swallowing. This is also the gold standard for CBD oils from other manufacturers. It’s because this allows the body to absorb the oil more quickly. You may then experience the outcome you’re looking for more efficiently.

It can also be applied topically, although the skin absorption can take a while because of the many barriers. It may be a mode of application for those with joint pain or headache. However, you may find CBD oil in a roller to be easier to use.

According to Nuleaf, you can also combine the oil with your smoothies and perhaps even cookies in case you want to make their edible versions. The sense of flexibility is attractive, but the experimentation may be exhausting. There’s also no assurance this method will be just as effective as when you apply it sublingually or topically.

Nuleaf still has many things to improve on to make it extremely competitive and rise to the top as the best brand for CBD oils, but there’s no doubt it’s on the right track. It has many plus points that make it a better option than the others. These include its ability to ship to more places, the comprehensive extraction process, and, most of all, the quality of the oils.

Being full-spectrum oil makes every drop worth it since you can also get the flavors, vitamins, and minerals.